All Hostel Rooms
All of our private Hostel Rooms contain Heating and Air Conditioning and flat screen TV.   Three of our private rooms have in suite bathrooms, while two of our private rooms have shared bathrooms.

All of our dorm rooms contain Heating and Air Conditioning.  Our co-ed dorm rooms have lockers, but guest’s will need to provide their own lock.

Our laundry facilities can be used by our guests after 3pm for only $5 (wash & dry).

At any time should a guest have a question or problem 24/7, you just pick up the phone and dial 22 for assistance in your room or both courtyards.

An array of breakfast ingredients is provided, but guests will have to cook/prepare it themselves.

But every guest is welcome to bring their own food and prepare it in one of our TWO fully equipped self-service kitchens! Also, “Dine One One” will deliver food from 40 different restaurants within the hour (any style food desired), nicely priced, to be consumed outside in the courtyards or at Parson’s Pub..

We have 2 courtyards. One is a more quiet area with a Coke Cola machine, hammock, small water fall, red phone box (on Gram Straat), 2 tables with umbrellas and a porch with a covered tin roof with plenty of porch fans.  The other courtyard has a remodeled sunning deck with an oversized heated Jacuzzi/Whirlpool with an outside shower, toilette and BYOB courtyard bar, wrap around porch with tin roof with plenty of porch fans, quaint brick walkways, sunning decks and a table with umbrella.

Both courtyards are surrounded by tropical plants, flowers, vines and quaint brick walkways. The walk way connecting the two houses is called “Gram Straat” (Straat is Street in Dutch).

The Crow’s Nest (The Stairway to Heaven) is our secret 2nd and 3rd level decks for walking in the trees. You can watch birds, stargaze or watch our space shuttle take off. It is also the ideal place for a smoke break.

A cosy outside BYOB bar “Parsons Pub” adjacent to an oversized Jacuzzi with sunning decks.

We are European minded and nudity is permitted at the Jacuzzi area only, if other guests don’t mind. This oversized in-ground Jacuzzi, courtyard Waterfalls & Lazy day hammocks are open and available to guests 24/7 and the music level provides a perfect atmosphere for conversation.

ALL ROOMS in the B&B and Hostel ARE NON SMOKING!
SMOKING is OK in our courtyards and upper level boardwalks up to the crows nest.

Other Amenities
FREE wireless internet access is available for guests with portable computers.

The big common area for all guests has a Fireplace, Piano and TV.

Pets are permitted in containers on our porches but not in Rooms.

Children are welcome.[/two_third]


Guest Lockers

Stairway to Crowsnest


Parsons Pub

Sundeck & Jacuzzi


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