Gram’s Place Bed and Hostel is Tampa, Florida’s only Hostel / Le gîte!
Our family-owned and operated Inn has been in continuous operation since Mark Holland founded Gram’s Place in 1991. Gram’s Place has since become a popular destination for world travelers, backpackers, business professionals, artists, songwriters, actors, poets, musicians, painters, LGBTQ, couples, singles, families with children, and often-times even well-behaved pets have all been welcomed here. We welcome folks from every spectrum, of every nation, of every culture, throughout the world, who are like-minded in their being Respectful, Peaceful, and Tolerant of other’s cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs.
At our entrance is a sign that reads “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ”— (All Are Related) — A Native American phrase that reflects a world view of interconnectedness that is held by the Lakota people of North America. To us, this spiritual consciousness functions as a recognition that every one of our Guests are recognized as brothers and sisters, as all are interrelated.
Gram’s Place Bed and Hostel features completely private rooms with en suite baths and we offer the traditional hostel shared dorm rooms with shared baths. Gram’s also offers what we call “semi-private” room options which, although still private, are without an en suite bath facility. (Click our Rooms section above for more information on our rooms).
All of our rooms are air conditioned, and our “Fast and Free” Wi-Fi covers the whole of the Gram’s Place property.
Outside, one can pair one’s own device to our outdoor sound system nearby our deep, oversized jacuzzi while relaxing on our patio deck, enjoying a favorite beverage beneath the shaded tree canopy, or while stargazing on a clear, starlit evening.
Two full kitchens are available to all our Guests with which one can prepare one’s own meals. Gram’s supplies the cookware, plates, and silverware, and you bring your own food!
Guest have long enjoyed our “Stairway to Heaven” pathway that ascends and meanders throughout the tree tops featuring a number of observation and relaxation platforms at varied levels along the way. The Stairway eventually terminates at a rooftop platform within the trees that Guests have affectionately named “The Crow’s Nest”. It is from The Crow’s Nest that one enjoys a 360-degree panoramic vista of the immediate Historic Tampa Heights neighborhood including the nearby “Plymouth Playground” public park across the street. Open every day to everyone, the Plymouth Playground features basketball courts, a picnic-ready green lawn, numerous shade trees, a baseball park, and a children’s playground.
Gram’s Place Bed and Hostel is named in honor of Singer/Songwriter Gram Parsons (1946-1973).