Good Music, Good People, Good Fun
Gram’s Place is a B&B / Hostel / Hotel hybrid tucked away in the Historic Tampa Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida. Gram’s Place was established in 1991 by founding owner Mark Holland as a result of his having traveled to Amsterdam. Impressed by the tolerant nature of the people there, Mark returned to his Tampa, FL home with a dream: Mark’s dream was to create an environment where people could gather in both the “Spirit of Music” and in the spirit of “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ”— (All Are Related) — A Native American phrase that reflects a world view of interconnectedness that is held by the Lakota people of North America.

Mark’s dream is realized andcontinues to be to this day. Everyone who has since stayed at Gram’s Place contributes to the everlasting vibe— whether it be a lasting friendship, a memory, a work of art, or just a pleasant circumstance. One thing for certain that Gram’s Place has plenty of is ambiance and personality. All have contributed to that personality which you are also soon to partake of. You too will then be yet another part and addition to that ambiance that makes up the whole of what is the indelible“Gram’s Place Vibe”. Welcome. We look forward to getting to know you.